We offer you a new vision of camping, that of an outdoor hotel where the words would really make sense. We believe that authenticity and closeness to nature bring people together, that they must be able to feel at home while escaping.

Chic ecotourism
For this, we have built a domain where everyone can find his daily comfort in accommodations in hard, quality; where everyone can preserve their privacy by choosing to bask in their private garden or not having to take a shower in a common building; where young and old can go about their business while being around the many activities offered; where you will enjoy strolling, escaping, exchanging around a drink by the fire ... We also engage in an eco-responsibility approach (see the menu " our actions for the planet "). Here, nature is ubiquitous and makes us feel good!

We privilege the softness of life, the comfort and the well-being of our customers. Our coast is rich in its natural, cultural and architectural heritage. Many local activities are available nearby and you will discover a plethora of small shops, bars and restaurants of quality not far from there. Glamping offers several meeting spaces, games and relaxation, but each is designed to respect the tranquility of the place and its occupants. In the same vein, you will not find home karaoke or election of miss camping, but rather intimate concerts or other nature workshops for example. In general, we do not offer noisy entertainment as the area is well-equipped with festive and nocturnal venues for those who wish. In short, a corner conducive to healing!

For all this, and much more, we invite you to come and experience for yourself our conception of a haven of peace close to the beach.