You are concerned about this health crisis but you also need to change your mind and think of something else!
We have therefore put in place all the health provisions in accordance with government provisions to guarantee the safety of our customers and have emphasized the maximum discretion of these rules in order to guarantee both your safety and your serenity.

This particular year obliges us to put aside some of the conviviality which is very important to us, but the safety of our customers remains a priority. So please follow these very important instructions for all of us:

Wash your hands very regularly, greet without shaking hands, avoid kissing. Use a disposable tissue and throw it, cough or sneeze into the elbow or into a tissue

At the reception, bar and shop
- Wear a mask, except sitting down for a drink
- 1 person per family for departures / arrivals, keep your distance
- A contactless hydroalcoholic gel dispenser is at your disposal
- Follow the direction of traffic set up at the store
- Loans of materials are disinfected or quarantined for 48 hours between 2 users
- Systematic disinfection of payment terminals between 2 customers

At the swimming pool
- The water in the basins is treated against viruses and bacteria (chlorine), ARS checks are regularly carried out and we check the water ourselves every day
- 1 person for 4 m² per pool, or 22 people at the pool, 7 people at the paddling pool, a couple or a single person at the jacuzzi.
- Only swimmers and accompanying adults and children and disabled people are allowed inside the pool area.
- The shared showers in the toilet block being closed, these must be taken from your accommodation before entering the pool area.
- The common toilets of the sanitary block are open but their use must be restricted to the minimum
- In case of respiratory or digestive symptoms, do not go to the swimming pool and report it to the reception

In other common places
- All seats and deckchairs in the pool, bar and the entire park are spaced at least one meter apart
- Respect the rule of 1 meter distance.
- In the fitness tent, a couple or a single person at a time and disinfect / wash your hands before and after using an appliance
- Wash / disinfect your hands before and after using common equipment or equipment

The day of your departure
- Air your accommodation by opening one or more windows if the weather permits.
- Empty your garbage cans in the selective sorting containers in the parking lot (think about the health of our cleaning staff)

Further information
- Our customers are invited to inform us in case of signs of illness that may occur during your stay, even after their departure
- A special room is fitted out if necessary for people with suspicious signs while awaiting screening and / or intervention from the SAMU or a doctor
- All cleaning staff and those in contact with customers wear a mask
- Hygiaphone at the store counter
- A hydroalcoholic gel is offered to you upon your arrival
- Reinforced procedure for cleaning and disinfecting sensitive areas
- We leave accommodation as long as possible without occupying between 2 reservations
- We adhere to the `` Camping Clean Care + '' charter and to the FNHPA and ARS protocol
- We reserve the right to prohibit access to people with respiratory signs


Do you have questions about the coronavirus? 0 800 130 000 (free call)